Fun with parents

Activités amusantes de lavage de mains pour les enfants / Fun hand washing activities


Activité # 2 / Activity # 2 

By: Nicole Silva Maradiago

  • Matériaux / Materials: 
  • 1 small or medium storage box 
  • 1 pair of gloves (parent should put do some dots with markers to pretend to be germs
  • Paint of any color 
  • Water 
  • Soap 
  • Access to sink (washroom) 
  1. Instructions: 
  2. First, Parent will show a box to the child and will ask what he thinks there is inside the box. Parent will show the materials-gloves and paints, and will name them along with the child
  3. Second, parent will ask questions to child such as:  what do you think the gloves are for? What do the gloves have over? Why do I have paint and gloves? And have a short conversation with the child to allow child find ideas by himself about what the activity is about. 
  4. After, parent will ask child to put on the gloves, and to use the paint as “soap” to wash out the germs on the gloves. 
  5. When child finishes “washing hands” with the paint, parent will ask child to show their hands and see if all the germs where washed out (gloves usually will have some “unwashed spots, which means that the hand washing procedure was not correct” so the parent will ask child to rub the soap (paint)  well until it completely covers all the missed spots.  

**Note: the paint is a visual help to explain how soap should actually be applied over hands to properly wash hands and kill the germs

  • Finally, parent will ask child to come wash real hands to practice the proper hand washing procedure. During the actual hand washing, after the demonstration with paint, parent may ask child to show how the soap should be applied over hands to properly wash them and kill the germs. 


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