Fun with parents

Activités amusantes de lavage de mains pour les enfants / Fun hand washing activities


The following activities are planed to help parents introduce the concept of a healthy hygiene routine. Through fun activities, parents will be able to explain their child the importance of proper hand washing procedures. However, in order to avoid a possible fear for virus it will be important to explain children that viruses can be harmful, but as well defeated when we wash our hands well. 

Activité # 1 / Activity # 1 

By: Laleh

Matériaux / Materials:

  • Edible and non-toxic oil (olive, cooking etc.), 
  • Salt
  • A bowl, wide and deep enough for a child’s hand, 
  • Sink (washroom)  
  • Soap
  • Towel or paper towel.


  • First, parent mixes some salt with the oil in the bowl. The salt grains will remain undissolved in the oil and the oil would make it stick to the children’s hands.
  • Second, parent brings the bowl of pre-made “virus” contamination and shows it to their child. Then, parent puts some the germs mixture on her hand and asks the child if she/he thinks it can easily be washed out. Then, parent washes her hand carelessly and quickly, and shows their child that it actually is not cleaned.
  • After, the  parent shows the child how a poor and sloppy hand wash does not clear all of the contamination from their hands, she asks them to come and try for themselves and see if they can clean wash their hands and get rid of the contamination. 
  • Then, the parent will pat the palm of the child’s hands in the salty oil and asks their child to wash their hands and see if the salt and oil can be totally washed out. **Note: Parent can give instructions, suggestions about a proper hand-washing procedure. Also, parent could point to the specific areas that child misses while washing their hands, to let child know that those areas are also important to be washed out. 
  • Finally, parent asks child to rinse and dry their hands. And they can have a conversation about the importance of a proper hand washing.