Independent fun

Activités que les enfants peuvent faire par eux-mêmes / Activities to foster child’s autonomy


It sometimes gets difficult to work from home when simultaneously you want to pay full attention to your children and do as many activities as you could with him. However, it is also important to encourage child’s autonomy. Therefore, allowing your child to have their own tasks to do is a good idea to foster their autonomy. For this reason, parents should take advantage of the staying home situation and let their child’s autonomy grow! Here follows some ideas: 

Remember: Your child can “work” too close to you while you are working. If you set some rules during working time and clearly explain these to your child, this could be a very enjoyable moment for both. 

Créez vote propre marionette / Create your own puppet-buddy!

Âge / Age: 3-5

Matériaux / Materials needed: 

  • 1 sheet cardstock of any color 
  • 1  big popsicle stick 
  • 1 piece of fabric of any color 
  • Glitter, thread, stickers, colors, markers or any other materials that you can find at home for decoration 
  • Glue

Collaboration des parents / Parent collaboration: 

  • Cut out a circle shape out of the cardstock ( if your child knows how to use scissors, let him do it) 
  • Cut out a dress shape out of the fabric 

Instructions pour l’infant à assembler leur marionnette / Steps for child to assemble their puppet: 

This is only the child’s task! But parents should explain the steps in advance to their child. This way, the child can work on the puppet by themselves while parents are working. 

  • Draw a face for the puppet on the circle shaped cardstock 
  • Decorate face and or put some hair using any of the materials found around the house. For example, pieces of thread 
  • Decorate dress shape with the selected decoration materials (let child use their imagination to decorate)
  • Glue face on one of the ends of the stick 
  • Glue dress in the middle of the stick let it dry out for about 5-7 minutes
  • Puppet ready to use! 

**Note: You can encourage your child to make as many puppets as he/she wishes to. You can tell them to make a puppet family for example, this way your child can be busy for a longer period of time while you work.  Also your child could create a puppet show to present to the family


Puppet created by: Nicole Silva Maradiago

Activity idea by:  Nicole Silva Maradiag