Fun with parents

Basketball avec hula-hoops / Basket-hula-hoop ball


Domain de développement  / Area of development: gross motor

Âge / Age: 3 up

This activity is planned in order to offer children a healthy and fun way of knowing what they can do with their big muscles ( gross motor). Also, to encourage children to challenge their gross motor skills through increasing the level of difficulty of the game according to each child’s ZPD ( zone of proximal development) 

Matériaux / Materials:

– 6 safe plastic balls 

  • Hula hoops 

Espace pour l’activité / Space requirements: Outdoors


  • Parent will have to place one hula-hoop on the floor and tell child to step over it 
  • Parent will give a ball to child 
  • Then, parent  will hold another hula-hoop at a certain height, standing away from the child 
  • Then, parent will ask child to throw the ball into the hula-hoop that he is holding. The child’s goal is to insert the ball into the hula hoop like in a basketball game
  • *** Note: The main idea of the activity is to play a modified basketball game.Also, parent  will begin holding the hula-hoop at a lower height and through every round, parent will increase the height to make the activity more challenging. 


Activity idea by: Nicole Silva Maradiago, activity sheet, internship/stage