Fun with parents

  • Le bateau / Float the boat
    Âge / Age:  18 months  This activity helps children experience the science of floating vs. sinking. It can also help develop their senses as they touch the dry paper boat, the wet paper boat and the water. Although the activity is a very short one, it is still an exciting activity, which can be expanded later […]
  • Basketball avec hula-hoops / Basket-hula-hoop ball
    Domain de développement  / Area of development: gross motor Âge / Age: 3 up This activity is planned in order to offer children a healthy and fun way of knowing what they can do with their big muscles ( gross motor). Also, to encourage children to challenge their gross motor skills through increasing the level of difficulty of […]
  • Squishy bags
    Domain de développement  / Area of development: Fine motor (sensory motor)  Âge/ Age 18 months-3 years old  Materiaux / Materials:  Ziplock bags Various paint of different colors This activity aims to give children a learning experience through and an enjoyable moment. Children are to discover the changes in colors when mixing 2 or more primary colors. Children will also […]
  • Les Ombres / Shadow People
    Domain de développement  / Area of development: Cognitive and Gross motor. This activity will introduce a few concepts in physics, how light behaves and how we can manipulate it. Also, will be important to introduce to children that darkness can be fun to and mitigate a possible fear for darkness. First, parent asks child if she/he knows what shadows […]
  • Activités amusantes de lavage de mains pour les enfants / Fun hand washing activities
    Activité # 2 / Activity # 2  By: Nicole Silva Maradiago Matériaux / Materials:  1 small or medium storage box  1 pair of gloves (parent should put do some dots with markers to pretend to be germs)  Paint of any color  Water  Soap  Access to sink (washroom)  Instructions:  First, Parent will show a box to the child […]
  • Activités amusantes de lavage de mains pour les enfants / Fun hand washing activities
    The following activities are planed to help parents introduce the concept of a healthy hygiene routine. Through fun activities, parents will be able to explain their child the importance of proper hand washing procedures. However, in order to avoid a possible fear for virus it will be important to explain children that viruses can be […]