Independent fun

  • Sac surprise / Surprise bag
    Âge / Age: 12 months – 18 months Even though younger children need more supervision, this activity allows parents to work while having their child playing and having fun next to them. For this activity parents can fill a bag of moms with various textured objects. For example, soft toys, squishy shape toys, fabric objects, … Read more
  • Mission avec une boite en carton / Cardboard box mission
    By: Nicole Silva Maradiago  Âge / Age: 2-4 1 big cardboard box  Various colours, stickers, markers, crayons for decoration  Instructions Tell your child that she/he has a mission, his mission is to create a play house, car, bus, airplane, or boat( it is all about child’s imagination) and tell them to decorate it as she … Read more
  • Activités que les enfants peuvent faire par eux-mêmes / Activities to foster child’s autonomy
    It sometimes gets difficult to work from home when simultaneously you want to pay full attention to your children and do as many activities as you could with him. However, it is also important to encourage child’s autonomy. Therefore, allowing your child to have their own tasks to do is a good idea to foster … Read more