Fun with parents

Le bateau / Float the boat


Âge / Age:  18 months 

This activity helps children experience the science of floating vs. sinking. It can also help develop their senses as they touch the dry paper boat, the wet paper boat and the water. Although the activity is a very short one, it is still an exciting activity, which can be expanded later on when they grow older. 

Matériaux / Materials:

pre-made paper boats 

Bowls with water 


  • Parent can bring a bowl of water and float a paper boat on the water.
  • Then put a bowl less than half filled with water (to avoid major water splashing and spilling) in front of   child and give him/her a paper boat to float. The child will see the dry boat floating, then get wet and probably sink. It is likely that child pick the boat up before it sinks. But, the child can now touch the wet paper and feel the difference of texture. 
  • You can repeat the activity with orange peel and other materials so the child can see different behavior of different material

By: Laleh