Fun with parents

Les Ombres / Shadow People


Domain de développement  / Area of development: Cognitive and Gross motor.

This activity will introduce a few concepts in physics, how light behaves and how we can manipulate it. Also, will be important to introduce to children that darkness can be fun to and mitigate a possible fear for darkness.

First, parent asks child if she/he knows what shadows are, if they have noticed funny things about shadows, and allow child share his knowledge about shadows.Then, parent lead child to play with shadows.

Second, parent creates shadows child should guess what the shadows are. 

After, parents asks child to create their own shadows while walking in a circle and dancing around the light source. 

The dance will be a low speed dance similar to native dances around fire, as they dance around the light source, they each reach the light and form shadows on the screen, pass and the light will be on the next child. 


Source (shadow header picture):

Activity idea: students, Raissa & Laleh