Long term projects

  • Idée de projet 3 / Project Idea 3
    Mangeoire pour les oiseaux / Bird feeder  Materiaux / Materials:  Milk and juice carton,  Craft knife,  Disposable chopsticks or bbq sticks,  String, Ruler, Ballpen Acrylic paint, Paintbrush ( if you want to paint it) Start collecting your used milk and juice carton. Do remember to rinse the inside with water and drain before storing them. … Read more
  • Idée de projet 2 / Project Idea 2
    Chasse au trésor/Treasure hunt.  Hide a treasure, design a map with a series of clues and puzzles and riddles. Ask your child to follow the clues and find the treasure. Assign a limited amount of time each day for them to follow the map and ask them to continue the next day.  Long term 1 … Read more
  • Idée de projet 1 / Project Idea 1
     Bulletins en famille / Family newsletter.  Together with your child, start a family newsletter.  Sit together for a few minutes every day and write a newsletter. Send it to friends and family, and ask them for feedback or comments.  Continue as you make it better every day. Include photos and reports.  You can even start … Read more