Independent fun

Mission avec une boite en carton / Cardboard box mission


By: Nicole Silva Maradiago 

Âge / Age: 2-4

1 big cardboard box 

Various colours, stickers, markers, crayons for decoration 


Tell your child that she/he has a mission, his mission is to create a play house, car, bus, airplane, or boat( it is all about child’s imagination) and tell them to decorate it as she wishes by using the markers, stickers, crayons, etc.

You can tell your child that you will check if the mission is completed and you could set a timer to let the child know when you are going to check his creation. This way, you can set a time for you to do some work while your child is woking on his mission. 

** Note: try to set a reasonable time for your child to develop the mission. Always keep in mind that children do not spend long periods of time on one specific activity 


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