Independent fun

Sac surprise / Surprise bag


Âge / Age: 12 months – 18 months

Even though younger children need more supervision, this activity allows parents to work while having their child playing and having fun next to them.

For this activity parents can fill a bag of moms with various textured objects. For example, soft toys, squishy shape toys, fabric objects, feathers, even with some safe objects from parents that the child can manipulate safety.  


The idea is to hand in the bag to the baby and allow him/her to discover what’s inside mom’s bag. The child will probably observe a found object and try to play with it. 

** Note: Children would enjoy this activity, mostly because they get to see what is inside mom’s bag, and getting to take something of mom’s it’s something that children find very interesting.


            Inspired by:  Bream Mary Ellen101 independent activities for toddlers  and preschoolers