Fun with parents

Squishy bags


Domain de développement  / Area of development: Fine motor (sensory motor) 

Âge/ Age 18 months-3 years old 

  • Materiaux / Materials: 
  • Ziplock bags
  • Various paint of different colors

This activity aims to give children a learning experience through and an enjoyable moment. Children are to discover the changes in colors when mixing 2 or more primary colors. Children will also be exposed to use the sense of touch when squishing bags with paint inside. 

  • First, parent will provide child with each of the materials for the activity
  • Then, parent will help child to add 2 or 3 colors of paint into the bag, and will help child to close the bag well.

Finally, parent will tell child to squish the bags to combine the colors added in the bag 
***Note: During the activity, parent may ask child does what she/he observes and to share their thoughts about the changes that they can see with the paints.

By: Nicole Silva Maradiago